2023 Voice of The Light Annual Conference

Jacksonville, Florida USA

Stay tuned for more videos and worship MP3 downloads made available on this page from our recent Annual Conference.


Friday, Session 1

“Time Space” | Emerson Ferrell

Friday, Session 2 – Prophetic Worship

“The Sound of Heavenly Horses” | Ana Méndez Ferrell


Friday, Session 2

“Earth Parallels with Heaven” | Ana Méndez Ferrell


Friday Session 3

“Father, Glorify Your Name” | Emerson Ferrell

Saturday, Session 4 – Prophetic Worship

“The Sound of Awakening” | Ana Méndez Ferrell

Saturday, Session 4

“Living from our Heavenly Persona” | Ana Méndez Ferrell

Saturday, Session 5

“One in the Thoughts of God” | Emerson Ferrell

Saturday, Session 6

“New Understanding, New Day” | Ana Méndez Ferrell

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