Spiritual Warfare Documentaries

by Ana Méndez Ferrell  &  Emerson Ferrell

Mount Everest Expedition



As a general in spiritual warfare, Ana has coordinated many of the most important warfare in the darkest places of the earth, confronting major territorial spirits. Mount Everest has been the most difficult assault that she and her team did when they climbed Mount Everest in 1997, which resulted in major spiritual breakthroughs in the 10/40 window (the less evangelized region in the world).

“This is one of the most powerful exploits of the Christian Church in spiritual warfare.”

– Emerson Ferrell

Amsterdam City of Glory



This video will thrill and excite you as you witness the profound encounter between good and evil over Amsterdam. This city, whose history has been associated with drugs, prostitution, sex, and slavery, was the site of the recent showdown between heaven and hell, in which God’s generals and warriors from all over the world joined forces to establish God’s kingdom once again over this region. 

You will watch and learn firsthand how to reach your city and nation for the glory of God through strategic warfare in the heavens. This video will transform your thinking and spiritual walk with God. You will also be empowered to stand up against strongholds, powers, and principalities as warriors of Christ.

Leviathan, Antarctic Base



Leviathan, the most powerful water spirit who had one of his most powerful centers of operation in Antarctica. 
In this video, Ana Mendez Ferrell brings to light one of the most surprising secrets that lie hidden in the frozen waters of the South Pole. Your eyes will be opened to understand how the power of the waters and Leviathan affect the church, cities and your own life.

Water Spirits Underwater Warfare



In 2009 spiritual warfare was done inside the Bermuda triangle beneath the water in order to destroy the works of Neptune and Abaddon, the spirits affecting the coasts of Florida. This instructional documentary will immerse you in the depths of the sea to discover how water spirits operate in the cities.
You will understand the way Leviathan, Apollo, Neptune, and mermaids work in our midst. You will also be amazed to discover what is hidden in the deep and the way God is glorified by this outstanding exploit.

Catemaco México
Spiritual Warfare Documentary



In 1995, the Lord took a team led by Ana Méndez Ferrell to bring down the most dangerous city of sorcerers in México. In this electrifying video filmed during the battle, you will witness the team penetrating one of the most feared places of witchcraft. One hundred and twenty sorcerers controlled the nation of México from this throne of the devil making it almost impossible to preach the Gospel. The encounters of this video are a witness to the awesome supernatural power of God that manifested over these brave warriors as they faced the very throne of Satan in México.
Due to the actual scenes presented here, we recommend you pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before watching this video.
This documentary was filmed without professional cameras, making the footage less than the quality we normally provide. The value of this video lies in the historic content of an event that transformed México forever, and that will certainly inspire you.

Ley Lines



A powerful documentary that will awaken you to understand the principles of “Geometric Magic” through which the enemy has built his strongholds in cities. Ley lines are spiritual roads linking different points of power in a territory. 
This amazing research will open your eyes to see things you thought did not exist and how these ley lines are affecting the environments in which you live.

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